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Walking with Komodo Dragons (Gallery)

Instead of flying from Bali to Flores we decided to take a four day boat cruise. Sleeping on the boat deck under the stars with 40 others we toured Komodo National Park making stops on the way. Coral reefs stretched around every island and the water was crystal clear. We stopped off for a trek…

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Ubud Bike Tour (Gallery)

Breakfast overlooking Bali’s still active volcano Mount Batur before spending the day cycling though Ubud. We see rice terraces, bamboo plantations, many temples and traditional villages and enjoy a variety of local coffee.

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Nyepi Day (Gallery)

Once a year people in Bali make elaborate ‘Ogah Ogah’ statues in time for Nyepi Day. The statues are paraded with loud drums through the streets at night in an attempt to get the attention of any had spirits. The next day every person on Bali is not allowed to leave their home or hotel…

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Taman Ayun Temple (Gallery)

We hire a motorbike and ride out to this traditional Balinese temple. Every family home in Bali has its own temple making the ride one of the most sceneic we have taken in Asia. Every road and alleyway is lined with ornate buildings.

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Tanah Lot Fishing (Gallery)

We were lucky to meet Wayan, a local fisherman in a Bali fishing tackle shop. He offered to take us out in his boat for 600,000 rupieh (£35) which was much more affordable than the many hundreds of dollars tourist agents were asking for. We meet Wayan at 6.30AM on the beach as the sun…

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Ulu Watu Sunset (Gallery)

Ulu Watu temple stands on the edge of a cliff with waves pounding over a hundred metres below. After dodging monkeys at the entrance we watch a cultural fire dance as the sun sets. After the show we stop in at a local restaurant and enjoy delicious fresh grilled mahi-mahi for only £3.50!

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