Banaue Rice Terraces

Keen to escape Manila we caught a night bus to Banaue, famous for the rice terraces carved out of the hills 2000 years ago.

Arriving at 6AM we headed to the tourist information office and arranged a guide. After a big breakfast we set off for a trek through the terraces and two isolated villages.  When closer to the terraces you notice the are in fact made of 2m Hugh stone walls. All of the stones are dug up from the hills, or brought up from the river in the valley below. Mountain streams are diverted to bring a continuous water supply needed for the rice. The hills were covered with the terraces from every angle, it is amazing to think of all the manpower that went into their construction. The local farmers work long ours in the hot sun all just for rice – something we take for granted as cheap food at home.

Trekking through Pulo and Campulo we arrived at 5pm in Batad with a great view. An ice cold ‘Pale Pilsner’ – the local beer was well deserved.

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