End of an Adventure

8 months after I had flown into Bangkok from London, I find myself taking off from the city looking down at the end of this adventure. I’ve shared many memories with many new friends. As always it feels like a dream that passed in the blink of an eye, yet it feels like so long ago that I was in the UK. Looking back I’ve come a long way in the time and feel so fortunate to have had so many amazing experiences. I was struck by the kindness of strangers, who welcome travelers and offer such a warm welcome when they have little themselves.

The most memorable country was Myanmar, and one of the highlights was appearing on National TV during the Taunggyi balloon festival. I’d seen videos of the insanity devoid of any safety concerns before leaving the UK and decided I had to visit. One of my travelling buddies had a motorbike accident meters in front of me whilst we were travelling to the festival, and we ended up back where started 8 hours later in a hospital I hope never to visit again. I thought all was lost and I was never going to make the festival I had dreamed of for months. Luckily I found a space on a 6 hour shared taxi the next day, and met up at a hotel a backpacker had passed the card of. That night I was in the middle of the madness, in one of the most surreal experiences of my life. The festival felt like one organised after the apocalypse, everything was falling apart, very young boys were queuing up for arm-long tattoos and the ferris wheel was powered by men running around it like giant hamsters. A shed contained strange sets, costumes and a man with a camera. To the amusement of a huge crowd we couldn’t help have our photo taken to remember the night. One small story from many over the time I traveled – thank you for the memory Joel and Marisa! Click here for a video from the festival.


We’re off to New Zealand to live and work in the country for a few years and travel the country in our spare time.

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