Kawthoung Beach (Gallery)

For the last visa allowed day in Myanmar I found a quiet beach near to Kawthoung before crossing the border to Thailand. No one in sight, and a short walk around the headland found an even more deserted bay. Whilst picking up some interesting shells a seal joined for a brief walk up the beach.






  1. brooke · January 9, 2015 Reply

    Thank you for this, we are on our way to the beach now (or we hope its the right beach – can you send a google maps pin link if you see this email in the next few days…).

    Oh and that’s an otter, not a seal. Otterly ridiculous mistake, you sealy man 🙂

    • Dave · January 21, 2017 Reply

      Sorry Brooke I saw your message too late. I hope you found the beach and saw a sea otter, thank you for the correction 🙂

  2. mockster · February 3, 2015 Reply

    Sea otter not seal 🙂

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