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Donsol Whale Sharks

We head to Donsol to try and swim with the elusive Philippine  buntanding (whale shark). Once a guaranteed sighting, it appears numbers have slumped in recent years. After two boat trips with no sightings we are giving up hope, but decide to try once more. In the middle of the trip there is a flurry…

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El Nido Fishing Trip

An early 7am start provides a good catch, 3 small tuna, a 1.5kg lapu-lapu (grouper) and several smaller snapper and grouper. I prepared the tuna into sashimi to have with homemade chilli soy sauce for lunch. You can’t get fresher than that! To say goodbye to our friends in El Nido we grilled the rest…

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Palawan Kayak Adventure (Gallery)

One of my goals whilst travelling was to try living a more sustainable lifestyle. This included eating only local produce, minimising my impact on the environment and spending more time enjoying nature. The dream slowly formed whilst travelling around SE Asia and came together in the Philippines when we reached El Nido. Bacuit Bay is…

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Island Hopping Tour (Gallery)

The islands of Bacuit bay are stunning – steep limestone cliffs and crystal clear water.  We spent a day exploring them on a banca boat tour. Each island has its own hidden beaches and lagoons, all of which make you want to stay for weeks.

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Shimizu Island (Gallery)

When checking into a guesthouse at El Nido we overhear other travellers organising an overnight camping trip to one of the islands in Bacuit Bay. Luckily there’s space for 2 more on the boat so we are able to join. The hostel owner makes a list and divides up the shopping for the 12 of…

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Puerto Princessa

After the cool highlands of Northern Luzon we want to head to the beaches of Palawan. We have to fly to Puerto Princessa and spend a night before the 7 hour bus ride up to El Nido. Its the weekend – lids plat on the streets and climb trees to collect mangoes. They are the…

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Sagada Cave Connection

We were excited about the famous Cave Connection in Sagada but weren’t sure what to expect. The cave took us deep 250m underground crawling on hands and knees. We past old wooden coffins from times before colonial Christian stopped the ceremony of placing them in the cave. At points we were walking in water knee…

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Banaue Rice Terraces

Keen to escape Manila we caught a night bus to Banaue, famous for the rice terraces carved out of the hills 2000 years ago. Arriving at 6AM we headed to the tourist information office and arranged a guide. After a big breakfast we set off for a trek through the terraces and two isolated villages. …

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Kuala Lumpur (Gallery)

Coming from laid-back Malacca Kuala Lumpur was a bit of a shock. Busy streets filled the air with pollution and pavements everywhere were obstructed with construction work. The monorail snaked through the city making transport easier but everything still felt so far away from each other. The city covers nearly 250 square kilometres and houses…

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