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Kawthoung Beach (Gallery)

For the last visa allowed day in Myanmar I found a quiet beach near to Kawthoung before crossing the border to Thailand. No one in sight, and a short walk around the headland found an even more deserted bay. Whilst picking up some interesting shells a seal joined for a brief walk up the beach.

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Mawlamyine Sunset

The morning after the climb to the top of the Golden rock I take a 3 hour bus to Hpa-an, then 3 hour boat ride down the Thanlwin River to Mawlamyine. My day on the road is rewarded with a great sunset view across the river.

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Kyiaktiyo Golden Rock Pilgrimage (Gallery)

Most take a 45 minute truck ride up to the Kyiaktiyo Pagoda but I joined other Pilgrims making the 5 hour trek to reach the golden rock by foot. The walk starts gently through the village of Kin Pun where kids play on the paths with toy rifles made from bamboo. Halfway up I join…

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Yangon (Gallery)

Although the military government relocated the official capital to a brand new business district Naypyidaw in 2006, this still feels like the real capital. A contrast of high rise hotels and decaying streets, many cultures combine in the bustling markets. Signs placed around the city remind locals of the importance of tourism (to the government…

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Pagodas of Bagan (Gallery)

Between the 11th and 13th century over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monistaries were built on the plains of Bagan. After many years over 2,000 still stand, the rest reduced to rubble by earthquakes or destroyed to build new palaces. Balloons float over the plains at sunset. Some are majestic temples, some small piles of…

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