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All Aboard!

For the last three weeks of our travel adventure, we’d decided to head to the Banda Islands. Also known as the Spice Islands, the English and Dutch fought over control of the islands in the 1600s. Their lucrative nutmeg, cinnamon and clove trade was worth the spices weight in gold. We climb aboard the KM…

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We arrived into the Philippines via Manila. Like most large cities in Asia the rich-poor divide is easy to see and in close proximity. People sleep on the side of the road streets away from huge designer malls. We enjoyed riding colourful Jeepneys, old Jeeps extended and converted to carry passengers around the city for…

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Malacca (Gallery)

After a sweaty few days trekking in Taman Negara we were so relieved to arrive in Malacca. We had just booked a flight to the Philippines and wanted to send a few days relaxing, shopping and enjoying the fantastic variety of Asian food we had been enjoying in Malaysia. The city was full of interesting…

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Taman Negara Jungle Trek (Gallery)

Taman Negara has a reputation as the worlds oldest tropical rainforest. Over 4000 square kilometres of jungle hide elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, monkeys and tapirs. On the way to the park we met some other travellers interested in trekking. The fees for hiring a guide were expensive, so we decided to hike together without one. We…

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Lankawi Cable Car

Our first stop in Malaysia, Langkawi is an island just outside the Thai border. The islands cable car and mountaintop walkway give great views.

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Mingun (Gallery)

An ancient city, once the capital, is filled with reminders of previous Burmese rulers. The base of this Paya stands proud above all else, but the temple was only ever 1/3rd finished. See the small scale model underneath for an idea of how tall it could have been. The leading ruler died before it could…

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Paradise Cave (Gallery)

One of the most amazing places I have ever been. Stunning limestone stalagmites and stalactites have been formed over millions of years even though the caves were only discovered in 2005.

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